On Money, Mankind and the Cosmos with Raphael Zaki.


Media theorist Raphael Zaki comes by the podcast to think out loud about the themes and ideas that he is condensing into his first book, “On Money, Mankind and the Cosmos”. We talk about the biases intrinsic in currency, how our definitions of value color the way we find meaning in our lives, and how we can program new games to play to spend our short time in this universe.


On Memes, Dreams and Subconscious Creativity with Danny Casale

On this episode, I talk to filmmaker and self-proclaimed “bad animator” Danny Casale, aka “Coolman Coffeedan”. Two years ago, Danny created a short animation titled “snakes have legs”, which went on to go viral, getting hundreds of millions of views from people all over the world. We talk about how memes spread in this way, the relationship between art and the collective unconscious, and how dreams have played a role in Danny’s inspiration and creative process.

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