On Graphic Design, Social Media and Creative Collaboration with Alexa Spaddy

On this episode, I sit down with Alexa Spaddy to talk about the evolution of LTI, the experience we have had as a creative couple, and I pick her brain about her work as a graphic designer and social media manager at CoSM.

Thank you to Alexa for designing the graphic for the podcast! You can find her at alexaspaddy.com

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On Money, Mankind and the Cosmos with Raphael Zaki.


Media theorist Raphael Zaki comes by the podcast to think out loud about the themes and ideas that he is condensing into his first book, “On Money, Mankind and the Cosmos”. We talk about the biases intrinsic in currency, how our definitions of value color the way we find meaning in our lives, and how we can program new games to play to spend our short time in this universe.

On Parkour and Social Media

On this episode, I have a discussion with Bryce Clarke on parkour and social media. Bryce is a parkour athlete and coach in New York City who has played a huge part in using social media to help build and grow the NYC parkour scene. I talk with him about the pros and cons of social media as it relates to the parkour community and parkour culture, and how social media has and is effecting the global evolution of parkour, for better or worse.

Thanks again for listening to the Lifting the Iceberg podcast. You can find out more about Bryce by following him on Instagram at @bryce.clarke.pk on Instagram, at Brycej-dawg Clarke on Facebook, and by checking out parkour-nyc.com.

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Thank you to Alexa Spaddy for designing the graphics for this podcast. You can find her at Alexaspaddy.com

Thank you to Kerusu for the soundtrack Stay with me. You can find Kerusu on Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud.